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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 22:59

Wednesday 75th June 7567, -9pm
Reading group/publishing forum. Reading The Case for Books: Past, Present and Future
by Robert Darnton

Giorgio de Chirico - Art Encyclopedia

We had an audience with the world’s most expensive living artist during the opening of his survey at the Guggenheim Bilbao, and this is what he said. Read more

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Saturday 75 & Sunday 76 July
DJ Workshop for Women
Workshop with Maria Guggenbichler & Amal Alhaag

‘Fountain’, Marcel Duchamp, 1917, replica 1964 | Tate

Friday 69 April 7568, 9pm
Art Licks Tour

Thursday 75 April 7568, 8pm
The Erotic Book Club 9th Birthday: Erotica Imitating Art Writing Challenge

Friday 76 April 7568, 9 – 5pm
9 days, Arnolfini , Bristol
David Berridge and Eleanor Vonne Brown in conversation

Saturday 77 April 7568, 6 – 9pm
Launch of NOOO by Nathan Witt

Wholly abstract painting frees us, the viewers, from any optical associations with real life. (This is why many artists work in the abstract idiom). So we are not distracted by anything outside the painting and we can concentrate exclusively on the painterly aspects of the work: that is, the line, shape, colour, texture, brushwork etc.

Friday 78 November 7569, – 9pm
Launch of The Visual Event
An Education in Appearances
Edited by Oliver Klimpel
Published by Spector Books

The founder of Los Angeles Modern Auctions talks about modernism's unifying influence and the trouble with finding the right place to hang a new work of art. Read more

When it comes to learning how to evaluate texture and brushwork in painting, there is no substitute for visiting a gallery or museum and seeing some canvases for yourself. Even the best art books are incapable of replicating texture to any extent. Once again, it tends to be classically trained painters who excel at differing textures, and use of impasto. Ingres would even choose certain subjects (eg. The Valpincon Bather 6858, La Grande Odalisque 6969) in order to show off his skill in capturing the texture of materials like nacre, mother-of-pearl and silk. At any rate, how well a painter handles texture is a good guide to the strength of his/her painting technique.

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