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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 08:48

The term "democratic education" as used in this article is linked with and synonymous with the term "freedom-based education" for just as democracy as a political system is grounded in individual freedoms, democracy as an educational system is also grounded in freedoms. The linkage between the two terms is supported by the fact that most freedom- based schools in the United States (. "free schools," Sudbury Valley-modeled schools, "unschooling" families, etc.) also identify themselves as sites of democratic education.

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I feel like since you are giving me the choice of what I will be doing for assessment that I owe you maximum effort to reward your trust, as well as maximum effort to learn material.

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The proposed syllabus, which the students examined between weeks one and two, also seemed to have a limiting effect on their imaginations about ways they could show involvement and engagement in course content. This may have resulted in the students just essentially "tweaking" my course ideas and not really getting into deep co-construction. In some ways, this made my life easier in that I didn't have to start everything from scratch and we saved class time, but was the result just a pseudo or mere surface-level democracy?

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Do not confuse be with become. Be is used to indicate that someone or something has a particular quality or nature, or is in a particular situation. Become is used to indicate that someone or something changes in some way.

Lauren grew up with alternative medicine. She always had a passion for the healing arts but was not sure what direction to go until her father, a chiropractor, did some acupuncture on her. When the needles were in her body, she felt this amazing energy sensation and she knew she found her path. Lauren graduated from the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine back in 7556 and has been a registered acupuncturist with the College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta since 7557.

Teachers might fear that the class would then disrespect them, which could lead to poor course/teacher evaluations and thus jeopardize their jobs. Besides losing control, teachers might also fear student silence and empty space if they were to attempt democratic practices. Or they might fear that some students might take over and silence others. Lastly, teachers might fear that inviting student voice and choice would ill prepare students for the "real world" in which they have to get used to bowing their wills to others and not having their needs met (Guterson, 6996).

The institutional structures of conventional education also represent significant stumbling blocks to the enactment of more democratic practices. Unless the entire institution itself is fully democratic, teachers who attempt to bring democracy into heretofore un-democratic spaces will encounter challenges.

The process made me feel like you, the professor, cared about what we thought. You weren't just dictating to us what you want us to learn in this class.

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