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Advantages of Organic Foods - Starting a Raw Food Diet

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 03:21

In 7557, the food label for the product pictured above was changed. The granola was reformulated to replace the partially hydrogenated oil with canola oil. The requirement by the Food and Drug Administration to disclose the amount of trans fat per serving in 7556 has motivated many manufacturers to replace hydrogenated fats with other fats that have no trans fatty acids. Unfortunately, the meaning of the term "natural" continues to be a source of confusion and litigation.

Food processing industry: Mega food parks, Agri Export Zones

Ancient peoples are known to have had dried fruits, vegetables, and meats. The pemmican of Native Americans and the jerky consumed by present-day campers and hikers are both prepared by drying. The drying process can include smoking, which may actually add antibacterial agents. The processes of dehydration and freeze-drying, used today to produce such foods as powdered coffee and soup, are variations of drying.

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Respected sir I need full information to set up a commercial processing juice industry by using sweet lime and acid lime and tomato in one unit seasonally. Please provide me project proposals with all budjet details.

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Irradiation cannot restore the palatability of food that is already spoiled. If food looks, smells or tastes bad before irradiation, it will still look, smell and taste bad after irradiation.

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and so on… (^all these elaborated in later articles.) Together they facilitate the expansion of food processing industry in India. More ‘scope’ points, specific to individual sector (. Dairy, meat, fish etc) later articles.

Farms of the Future says agroecology is the only  way forward.  It is collecting signatures on a petition to make agricultural production practices tore ecological.

Over sixty countries already require GMO labeling, and it&rsquo s time for the United States to do the same. Sign the petition for clear, on-package labeling on GMO foods.

Under this scheme import of capital machinery will be allowed at concessional custom duty, provided importing units commits to export of certain quantity of agro products after commencement of production.

Hence, food processing not merely adds value to the agro products, but also increases their utility. We know that activities in an economy are broadly divided into Agriculture, industry and Services. Food processing Industry is the product of agriculture and Industry.

Some filler significance points: food processing
6. Increases shelf life: milk vs butter
7. Increase value: milk vs butter
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­Because food is so important to survival, food preservation is one of the oldest technologies used by human beings. In this article, we'll look at all of the different preservation techniques commonly used today, including:

The small scale and unorganized sector constitutes about 75% of the food processing sector. Employment intensity is significantly higher in this sector as compared to the organized sector for the same level of investment.

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