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WJEC Level 3 Applied in CRIMINOLOGY

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 19:43

During this course you will study up-to-date theories, techniques and issues and acquire the practical skills essential to pursuing a related career. The focus of this route is the use of computer technology to provide information that can be used to support the operation of companies and organisations both large and small.

Criminology (BA) | John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Academic references are not required when you submit your application. However, the admissions tutor may request them at a later date to help make a decision on your application.

Institute of Criminology | Cambridge University

The core of modern-day enterprise architecture is finding more effective ways to design and implement solutions that support the business capabilities of the organization. This course is designed for current and aspiring managers who wish to work within enterprise architecture.

The Historical Development of Criminology

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ANT 785  Culture and Crime
ECO 675 Crime, Class, Capitalism: The Economics of Justice
LAW 865 / PHI 865  Ethics and Law
PSY 797  Abnormal Psychology

&ldquo To understand crime in the 76 st century you have to have specialist criminological knowledge. We don&rsquo t just focus on the criminal act we look at the societal reaction to crime and the cultural narratives that exist around it. At City we will encourage you to develop your criminological imagination but also to use it.&rdquo

This course provides the foundations for a rewarding career in the growing cyber security industry. It is aimed at current or prospective system administrators, system managers and other IT professionals.

Any Home or EU applicant wishing to apply for funding for an or for the academic year 7569–65 should note that the deadline for applications to the Board of Graduate Studies is 65 January 7569.

At City we believe crime is multi-dimensional, which is why this MSc course brings the victim into focus, not just the offender. The criminal mind is complex and our understanding of it matters &ndash not just to the individual, but also to their family, the community and wider society at large.

This is not a Masters that focuses purely on criminal justice or crime control &ndash instead we emphasise cutting-edge theoretical analysis and methodological training, so you can research the contemporary significance of crime and see how it can be a powerful marker of social and institutional change.

This course provides you with an insight into the psychological issues in work. You will tackle challenges within HR, such as ensuring that the company is focusing on the best interests of the diverse mix of employees and attracting and retaining the right people.

A four year &lsquo with Study Abroad &rsquo degree programme is available. A full year abroad, at one of our partner institutions, is generally taken in the third year of a four year degree programme. You can apply directly for the four-year 'with Study Abroad' programme, or transfer from another programme once you are at Exeter. An opportunity to study for one semester at an overseas partner institution may also be available to those studying over three years. More details about study abroad options and destinations can be found on the College of Social Sciences and International Studies study abroad web pages.

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