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Date of publication: 2017-09-04 18:37

9/69 Harvey Hyman on what's it really like to be a lawyer--and what you need to know if you need one or already have one. To hear or download the show, click HERE

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> I have a process for outlining, for writing a rough draft, for I ve never (until now) had a process for picking a title. Usually it just sort of comes to me, like character names. Sadly, my titles tend to get taken. The only title I m super attached to, which I know I need to get over in case I can t use it, is Wishing on Willows. I think it sounds cool and it goes really well with the book.

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Q9U: How have you decided on titles for your books? Do you find yourself emotionally attached to the one you 8767 ve been living with since you first thought of the book?

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I m not keen on the idea of writing trilogies, just for the sake of it, but my latest work in progress has expanded into being more readable split between two books. In addition, an original idea I had led to the possiblity of a sequel of sorts.

Imagination is among the keys to Thoreau 8767 s enterprise and one of the themes that unites his writing on nature and his writing on politics. To answer, even to earnestly ask, the question of how to live is to engage in the work of imagination. It is to imagine something other than what already exists, something other than what we can see. Here we might think again of that sentence from Walden 8766 s conclusion: “The volatile truth of our words should continually betray the inadequacy of the residual statement.”

In the past, I 8767 ve found a central symbol that relates to the theme of my novel and worked off of that to create a title. That way the tone of the title often matches the book. However, I have come into road blocks before where I can 8767 t find anything, so I appreciate the advice to search Amazon. It sounds like a great way to brainstorm! Thank you for suggesting it.

7/86 People range on a continuum from refusing to change to changing with the latest fad. Are you where you want to be? We&rsquo ll explore. Plus you can call in for a Workover.

65/85. Barbara and Marty Nemko in a switch-sides-in-the-middle debate: Should govt restrict the trend to ever more jobs being part-time/temp. Plus call-in Workovers.

Love these examples (particularly as you managed to sneakily include a funny cat picture!). Scanning down each of the landing pages makes me think that I personally prefer really clean, uncluttered ones. And that sort of design has always performed well for me in split testing too.

Hi oli,love your blog.
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