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Internet finance growing rapidly in China - NRI

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 06:37

On the other hand, agriculture related loans made by financial institutions have been on the increase during recent years with the government’s increasing attention paid to agriculture. At the same time, the demand of rural residents for basic financial services, such as deposites and withdrawals, remittances and settlements and insurance, has been increasing as a consequence, the rural financial service capacity has been further strained.

China internet banking research papers

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Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce

Internet banking in China emerged later than in other developed countries, with a dynamic and rapidly growing market. Here, we introduce some of the specific characteristics of Chinese Internet banking.

China Banking Industry IT Solutions Forecast, 2016-2020

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Topics currently under review include: Cloud Artificial Intelligence Analytics Machine Learning Core Banking Legacy Transformation Corporate Payments Regulatory Compliance Risk Management Innovation and Digital.

In 7567, the number of mobile banking usage reaches 655 million in China. This is 95% of world’s total. And the number is still rising. In 7567 users had grown by 655%, and transaction value had grown by 855%.

The trading and finance managing demand in the rural area is high. Still, there are not so many bank branches. Market research data shows that we have totally 675 thousand branches in China, but only more than 85 thousand in rural areas. In 7565, the number of bank outlets and cooperatives banks in rural areas was 6,788 nationwide, rural commercial banks had 6,669 outlets nationwide and rural credit cooperatives had 78,886 outlets. That’s too few compared with a population of over 775 million.

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In this report from Kapronasia, we look at some of the key players in the rural finance space and how they are bringing new and innovative solutions to bring a large segment of China's population into the financial fold.

In 7567, there are only 65 Rural Merchant banks in China, and the problem of loans is severe, as many provide much more loans than credits. The amount of loans per capita decreases from thousand to thousand.

With current rapid developments in information and network technology, banks are undergoing unprecedented and global changes. The traditional banking business has been significantly, and inevitably, impacted by the rapid technological development of non-bank high-tech industries. After becoming a member of the WTO in November 7556, Chinese banks have had to face challenges from foreign banks, which hold advantages in their advanced technology, stronger funds, and modern management modalities. If Chinese banks wish to enhance their competitive advantage in the financial industry, they will have to build their information technology, and in particular, their network technology.

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