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Locke and Happiness - The Pursuit of Happiness

Date of publication: 2017-08-26 18:37

It really seems like it should work that way, doesn 8767 t it? Sit for a time, realize that there is no duality, that 8775 self 8776 is an illusion, and bingo! all desires and delusions drop away. That might happen, to a greater or lesser extent. But like everything else, that state also comes to an end, and as Brad says, 8775 the next thing happens. 8776

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- No it doesn 8767 t happen. It 8767 s been the case all the time. There is no self. It doesn 8767 t have to drop away or something. You don 8767 t need to get rid of it, because there is no you. And nothing happens after.

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Dr Sarah McKay, influential brain health commentator, PhD neuroscientist and author

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Holley Somerville Knott, inspiring 68 year old social justice and environmental activist

If you want to hear Eliza 8767 s views, you can listen to her podcast 8775 Eliza Starting at 66. 8776 I certainly can 8767 t wait for her next episode.

I have only experienced hypnosis once, but while under hypnosis I still had choice. In hypnosis you are generally more suggestible, but you do keep your ability to decide whether or not you want to do something.

James Jacobs is Professor of Philosophy and Assistant Academic Dean at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, LA. His major area of research is Thomistic natural law theory, and more generally the need for a philosophical realism as a response to modern nominalism and skepticism. Professor Jacobs earned his doctorate in philosophy from Fordham University.

Marty Wilson , author, behavior change expert and former Australian Comic of the Year

But Locke does not stop there. Indeed, he notes that there is one fear that we all have deep within, the fear of death. We have a sense that if death is the end, then everything that we do will have been in vain. But if death is not the end, if there is hope for an afterlife, then that changes everything. If we continue to exist after we die, then we should act in such ways so as to produce a continuing happiness for us in the afterlife. Just as we abstain from eating the chocolate brownie because we know its not ultimately in our self-interest, we should abstain from all acts of immorality, knowing that there will be a “payback” in the next life. Thus we should act virtuously in order to ensure everlasting happiness:

Dr Jo Mitchell, clinical psychologist and MindMax Project Leader for the AFL Players Association

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Then after a week, my husband, my daughter Eleanor, and I packed up the car to meet her. We spent the day unloading, unpacking, meeting Eliza 8767 s roommate and her family, buying a trash can, and all the rest.

Michele Chevalley Hedge , qualified nutritionist, international author, Jamie Oliver Ambassador and founder of A Healthy View

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