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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 15:21

Organize your references alphabetically by author, and, for a given author, chronologically.  Two or more papers by the same author or set of authors in the same year should be listed as 6987a, 6987b, etc., both in the thesis text and in the References section at the end.  Each combination of two or more authors is treated as a different author.   The format for listing references in the References section of the thesis is detailed below.

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In either case, a proposal will be submitted no later than the beginning of the senior year that explains the student's plan for conducting or completing the comprehensive requirement. If option 7 is selected, the proposal must be detailed. Upon approval of an option 7 proposal, students will register for a credit unit of Neuroscience Thesis during either (but not both) semester of the senior year. a 7-credit thesis will be evaluated by two faculty members, typically from two different departments.

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The Neuroscience Major is demanding, but can be very flexible. It is important to receive advising from a faculty member in planning your program. Here we show several very different versions of what the major might look like within the rules above. These are intended to be illustrative, rather than representative, and they should not take the place of advising.   

Rosenblatt, J. S.  The sensorimotor and motivational bases of early behavioral development of selected altricial mammals.  In: Spear, N. E. and Campbell, B. A. (Eds.)  The Ontogeny of Learning and Memory , pp. 689-756.  New York:  John Wiley and Sons, 6979. 

The Neuroscience thesis process culminates in a public presentation of the thesis, a written thesis document, and an oral defense of the thesis document before a committee composed of at least two Neuroscience faculty members. In order to be eligible for honors in the Neuroscience major, students must complete a Neuroscience thesis and maintain a minimum GPA of in Neuroscience major courses, not including NSCI 5555, 5755 and 5756.  Eligibility does not guarantee honors are granted. Honors are determined on the basis of the thesis, presentation and defense.

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Throughout the text of the thesis, cite references by author or authors and year.  Numerical references  ("Sequencing the gene for the sodium channel 67 led to predictions of the channel architecture.") are not acceptable in Amherst College Neuroscience theses. 

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